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Singer/ Songwriter Trev Yarash and his secret to success!

'I Just Want You' is a fire track!! What is the secret to its success?

Thank you! "I Just Want You" started its success a few years back when I released the demo version. I developed strong supporters by doing a lot of local shows with my band at the time. Somebody called in to one of the local radio stations, requesting it to be played. They took a chance and said they would spin it for a week to see what happens. Unexpectedly, people kept calling in to request it, and next thing you know it spread from radio station to radio station until it became #4 Most Requested songs across all of Arizona Radio. I got to hop on as a co-producer with Jeffery David (ZEDD, Seal, Echosmith) for the Official Radio Version we released in August this year. We also released a music video shot by Brianna Shinn Productions and I’m in love with the entire turn out.

Is there any pressure when making your music?

There isn’t really any pressure when making music, for me personally. If anything, it's a pressure-release for me. Creating music is a space where I can let go, emote and transmute any energy that I’ve been carrying from life, and be in my truest nature. The process is as follows: Life happens, I Am the experiencer. Then, I am the writer of that experience. Then, I am the recording artist singing about that experience. Simultaneously, I am the producer and engineer of the record. Then when that process is finished, I put on my hat as the post production and mixer of that record. Then finally, I am the performer of that record and experience, for others to receive and relate to and feel. I guess the only pressure I have is wearing so many hats in the process, but I enjoy each roll.

How do you keep balanced when trying out new songs?

"Balance" is the key-word when going into any new record. If my world isn’t feeling balanced at that particular moment, then making a record about those contrasting feelings is the healthy way to bring balance back. I have to really FEEL something in order to create anything of substance. Otherwise, it just seems like making noise, which is an imbalance to me. There’s enough noise in the world. I aim to make movements. I can only make movement, if the song deeply moves me first. From the lyrics and story, to the instruments, beats, melodies and mix. It all has to move me. If it's a happy record, you're gonna be skipping and dancing by the end. If it's a sad record, you're gonna be crying by the end. If it's a sexy record, you’ll be making love by the end of the song. In a superficial world full of noise, I feel balanced whenever something makes me feel something. I aim to be that kind of artist.

Where has I Just Want You played?

I Just Want You has reached radio in Arizona (#4 most requested songs), New Mexico, California, Florida and across the UK. It’s also been featured in major TV shows both here in the USA as well as the UK. Many Playlists on streaming platforms, YouTube series and videos as well.

How are you pushing the limits for your music?

I am constantly pushing the limits for my music by continually evolving in my skills and trades. At first, I was only a singer. Then I expanded into learning piano, then guitar. That evolved me to becoming a strong singer/songwriter behind the keys. That led me to live performing my songs with a band. That got me discovered by major multi-platinum producers. In 2014 I had a house fire and lost thousands and thousands of dollars worth of stage equipment. That was when I decided to take the insurance check and purchase my entire set up to embark on my evolution into becoming a self-taught music producer as well. Now I'm the writer, recording artist, producer/engineer, mixer, and performer of all my records. And I don't plan on stopping there. Expansion is a must, always.

We are excited to see the ride your career takes! What are you most excited for?

Thank you, I appreciate you. I am most excited for giving back in major ways. I'm a strong believer that where the music goes, the culture will follow. I aim to make music that creates movement and impact. The more my music elevates, the greater the impact and movement we can create in the world. I’m in the process of developing a 7 city radio tour with some incredible artists/friends, in collaboration with the Dream Center- where we can raise money and awareness to help people get their lives back on track from homelessness, addiction etc. Music is a portal to the soul. I just wanna impact people's souls with substance.

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Instagram / Twitter / TikTok: @trevsthe1

Youtube: search Trev Yarash “I Just Want You (radio edit)”

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