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We got to chat with a superstar of talent, Singer/Songwriter Jordan Massey about his latest EP release "Heartless" and the art behind the artist!

Hello Jordan!! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today!! Your EP "Heartless" is such a vibe! Tell us what went into the curation of it?

Thank You so much!! Honestly, it took so many directions during the creation process. I’ve had many ideas for it but it didn’t all come together until I was 3 songs into the writing process, it gave me a picture of what story I was really telling and I completely channeled that chapter in my life and completed the story by really writing about how those challenging times really affected me and what kind of person it shifted me to towards.

Where are you getting your inspiration to make new music from?

Usually I write about something I’m feeling currently and then I go down the rabbit hole and all these other feelings I have just come down on paper whether from the past, present, or future!

What social media platform is your favorite when it comes to connecting with your fans?

Instagram! It’s so easy to connect there and meet a lot of people that support me!

What trend in music do you want to follow? What trend do you want to avoid?

DISCO-POP ! I'm in love with the vibe of each song that channels that legendary era. I don’t have one I think that I’d avoid because there’s so many creative individuals who literally change the game so I’m here for all forms of expression.

Where can our audience keep up with you because we can't wait to see what's coming up next for Jordan Massey!!

Instagram!! @JordvnMassey and my website is where I can’t wait to share my new music!!

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