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The total talent of TR Sun and KK Love are dropping new sounds and they're telling us how their music happens.

What hot new sounds did you just release?

TR Sun: Some of my favorite songs we just dropped are “Tragic Magic” and “Under Control”.

KK LOVE: Recently I released 4 new singles “like you do” , “this time”, “B&B”, “Say my Name” and a full Co-Album with TR Sun called “Sad Love”.

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome in the making of the song?

TR Sun: Tragic Magic was actually our first song we made together. It took about 6 months to get right. I sent KK the beat and she came to the studio to record and stopped really early in the song then did not come in for 33 bars. Music is generally phrased in 4s and 8s so this was an...interesting challenge I was presented with as a rapper and producer. I liked the song but that was a really big space for what I originally thought was supposed to be a track I wasn’t even on. Ultimately that verse and that song is one of my favorites we made together. Under Control, by contrast, it was super easy to make. It only took a few hours to make the beat, write and record the song.

KK LOVE: During the making of “ Sad Love” we had a major family emergency and had to find a house and move in 5 days! Fortunately the family made it happen all while making this project. It was definitely an obstacle balancing music progress, while house searching and moving with two babies under such a time constraint. Definitely one of the hardest.

Do you need to be in a certain mood to write?

TR Sun: I don’t have to be in a specific mood to write anymore. I think part of my growth as an artist has been to become more consistent at creating. But what I record is affected by my moods. I think the emotion of performance is not something you can always manufacture.

KK LOVE: I love to write music and could pull emotions to write all the time but I find that if I am able to write music in the actual moment where something happened to make me happy or really sad or mad etc that my lyrics are so much more passionate and really take my songs to a different level of energy.

How did you know when the song was finished?

TR Sun: When I first started making beats in 2013 I read something about “the video game test.” It sounds odd but it works! Before a song is finished it has to be so good you can listen to it on repeat like it’s an old school video game theme song. If you don’t love your own song enough to listen to it for hours straight it’s probably not done!

KK LOVE: I think once there was a solid number of tracks and it had felt like the emotion we needed to get out had really come together as a whole we knew the album was done.

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TR Sun:


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