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We are STOKED to be interviewing the MAJORLY gifted Singer/Songwriter Christopher Watson about his compelling new single "Truth Is". And come to the conclusion that when learning about his hurdles to successes this "Listen to Your Heart" winner has definitely gained ours!

Hi Christopher Watson! Thank you for taking the interview with us! Congratulations on your new song "Truth Is"! The message is POWERFUL and we need you to share with our audience everything that went into the song!

Love. I put so much love into “Truth Is.” The reason we find ourselves in the situation we’re in is because we focus too much on ourselves and don’t allow empathy to guide our hearts. I wanted to put the listener in my shoes for just a minute, and let them see a snapshot of my black experience.

What’s your biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome as an artist in 2020?

This year I've had to deal with being in the public eye. I spent some time on "The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart" and it was a lot of fun. And then the pandemic hit and I've had to keep my mind on music to keep the momentum going.

What is a goal you’ve set for 2021 for your music?

I'm going to release a blues album. Gotta get that soul out there.

Anything currently getting you excited about the music industry?

Music discovery is still on the rise. It’s taking less time and effort to make quality sounding songs. So there are still a lot of opportunities, you just have to focus on what you’re putting out and know there is a place for your sound.

We just can't get enough of you! Please let us know what's the best way to keep with everything Christopher Watson?!

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