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Melody Sheppard is here and she's sharing on her latest release "Try", why there's power behind those three letters and that it's time to open up her vault of NEW music for 2021!

Hi Melody!! We're excited to get to speak with you!! Your latest release "Try" is an absolute hit! Please tell us the idea behind the song?! Thank you!!! I appreciate that so much! This song is extremely special to me. Some songs seem to nearly write themselves, and this is one such song. I wrote this with my favorite producer and friend, SHANNON SANDERS, and after coming up with the hook almost accidentally one day, we leaned into a melody and lyric that became an anthem for perseverance. The more we thought on it, the more we saw how universal this “fall down, get back up” idea is, and we wanted to drive home the idea that no matter who you are, where you come from, what your story is, you are capable of greatness and owe it to yourself to go after your dreams and goals with all your might. Who are you not to TRY? What do fans need to know about the song that hits close to home for you? My kids know these words like the backs of hands. This is the kind of language we use at home, so they are used to hearing it in everyday life. Of all things, just days before TRY - Acoustic was released, my son was admitted to ICU for a severely fractured skull and massive blood clot on his brain from a simple fall just days before. We’d mistakenly thought he only had a concussion, but as I sat by his bed there, day and night, and watched every specialist and neuro surgeon around examine him and continue to tell me the worst while waiting to admit him to the OR for brain surgery, my heart was spinning at the realization of just how severe this was. My baby. Literally my worst nightmare. Miraculously, he was feeling hardly any pain at all, and as we watched the final edit of this music video while trying to keep distracted, he chimed in on one of the verses: “Life’s a fight Hits you hard It’s gonna hurt May leave a scar Don’t second guess it Or over think it Learn the lesson And come back swinging” The tears were rolling as I listened to him repeat the words he’d heard me sing for years. HE wasn’t crying....he knew this was true, and he wasn’t afraid to step up to bat and give this curveball everything he had! My kid used my own words to unknowingly encourage me, and I wasn’t about to back down either. In the end, he continued to heal in such a miraculous way while in ICU that surgery wasn’t even necessary, he is still healing even now, and I saw my son develop a courage to push through and try to beat what he’d been dealt in a way that left me forever changed and forever inspired. These are real words and real messages we’re singing, and they’re never more powerful than when we are communicating that spirit from an authentic place. I know the power in those 3 letters...firsthand!! Can you talk about any challenges with the song that you were unsure about but ended up working in the end? Goodness — I didn’t even know if we were going to be able to release it on schedule with still being in the hospital with my son the day before! But I’ll tell you what: it’s tough moments like these that those closest to you will step in and help save the day! I wouldn’t have been able to pull it all together without tremendous help from my team. By the end of release day, they had managed to pull in all the loose ends and round off the edges for what has been an absolute blessing of a release!! Once again, real life presents me the opportunity to live the lyrics - adversity brings the hard, you push back have it in you to cross that finish line, if you only try!! What changes will you be making for 2021 that you'd never thought you'd be doing with your music? I love this question!! 2021 = opening the vault on the new music I’ve been sitting on and creating for quite a while. It’s time. And I could not be more excited!! We just can't wait for everything you have coming up! Where can our followers go to listen to "Try" and follow YOU! Thank you!!! TRY can be found via all music streaming platforms, and everyone can catch the new video now on YouTube! Stay tuned for more!!!

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