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Valid Point shares 'I'M SORRY' and gives us a look into what it takes to make music.

I'm sorry but 'I'm Sorry' is FIRE! Tell us about the single?

I’m sorry came about when we were at Cade’s (CVNDER) house. Him and I were going through beats and trying to make something. We were stuck and going through writers block. I had a totally different direction for the hook and song idea all together. Little did I know he was telling Autrey to come over the whole time. I was excited but nervous to work with her. She has such a great voice. She reminds me of Halsey. She sat in the corner while we all talked about how hungover we were and Cade and her kept talking about flaky relationships and that’s how the hook came about. How often are you working on new music? Constantly. I treat it like a 9-5 job. I have a pretty solid routine. Wake up and get coffee. Sit down and do some research on mixing and mastering and listen to music. Then I transition into any projects I have open. If I have nothing open I go through my email and listen to beats people send me and record to them. I bet I have 30 unreleased songs that I’ll consistently put out. I don’t like having nothing ready to go. Tell us about the collaboration you had on the single? CVNDER and I met via Instagram hashtags about a year ago. He was selling beats at the time, but what I liked about him is that he set up a call and we talked about music and plans and stuff. Never about money. Ultimately, I sent him some vocals because I didn’t want to buy beats and we made a song with that. He ended up driving to Memphis when I was living there and rented an Airbnb there. We spent two or three days making music and we clicked. After that I would drive on my days off to meet up with him, Josh Nabors, Matty Beats, and Eva Grace in Nashville to record (they all lived together). We would make music and I would crash on their couch and drive home. Everyone there was super nice, but Cade has an infectious personality. He’s fun and likes having a good time. Anyway, he met Autrey and linked with her and that’s how we all linked. The Cade effect. He’s constantly meeting new talented people and working with them. He’s awesome. And Autrey is one of the most talented people I’ve been in a room with. How much goes into the curation of a song of yours? Honestly, the focus is usually on melodies but with “im sorry” we aimed towards people who don’t want to commit to relationships and broken hearts. My sad hip hop stuff has always done well and I knew we could do a cool story with a female vocal. It’s cool hearing three different perspectives on broken relationships. Do you ever feel like your music is ready? Or is it hard to let go? I am a big advocate of putting music out and learning what people want. It’s also selfish to keep music to yourself when it can help listeners in ways you can’t imagine. I get feedback on songs I think are kinda weak from people who claim it has helped them in life. That’s awesome. You can’t do that when the files sits in Dropbox forever. Put your music out or stop being a musician. Talk about the basics that an upcoming artist should know about? You have to wear all the hats and you’ll suck at a lot of the hat wearing. In the beginning you have to do the writing, recording, mixing, mastering, marketing etc. Eventually you’ll get better and better. You can’t quit. Just keep going and you’ll grow. Eventually you’ll run into someone you click with and they will be better in places you aren’t. Don’t be afraid to learn from others and collab with them too. This will make you stronger. What's next on your production list to conquer? I’ll continue to put out a song or two a month and probably an ep soon. How can we stream your new music?! How do we stay up to date with you?

IG: @validpointmusic

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