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Matt Freedman is a whole vibe and his music is no different!

GoodLove is giving us good vibes! Why did you feel like it was the right time to release it?

Thank you! It was a fun song to write and record as my debut release. I felt it was the right time for the song, because it was a lighthearted, appreciation style anthem for my wife, who has supported me through 15 years of my music journey, since we were teenagers. I thought it was only appropriate to launch my music career as a solo artist with a song for her, since she's been the one pushing me in this direction for so long.

Is it difficult to release new music?

It is easier today than ever to release new music. The harder part is getting it heard. The fact that it is so easy to release music today makes the competition for attention spans very slim. There are people every day getting famous on TikTok, and socials with 0 music backgrounds, who are just remarkably talented. That's a major shift for the music industry over the past few years, and it's blurred the lines of what it truly means to be an artist today. I've been doing this a long time, back since you had to make mix tapes and burn CD's with your band's info on them to hand out at the local church after you play.. so today it's incredibly easy to release music, but you have to be very creative in the way you market that music to folks.

What kind of sound did you want to go for with this song?

For GoodLove specifically, I wanted to have a lighthearted, upbeat, fun and sweet feel to it. A lot of times I dramatically overthink lyrics and sonics for a song, and this was one I just wanted to keep simple, easy and make it more of a vibe than an overly produced type of thing.

Is there ever a moment you want to change something in your music last minute?

Always haha. I'm incredibly meticulous about the music I release, which is why I don't have a massive catalog for consumption at the moment. However, I'm sitting on several hundred songs in the catalog to pull from, and writing every single day. So before music is released, it goes through a pretty rigorous gauntlet of checks, and it's being listened to on numerous device types to try and mimic how the consumer will take it in. If I hear something on a specific device, in a specific setting (airpods in a bar vs truck speakers at a tailgate) I will pivot and make the appropriate changes.

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?

Without a doubt, in music. It's very difficult for me to release something that's not absolutely the way that I heard it in my head when I wrote it, and sometimes to my detriment. Fortunately, I've surrounded myself with some unbelievable players, writers, producers and engineers who can take the songs from my head, and add layers to it that enhance my vision. The exciting part about my role is that I can perfect my portion of the song, which is typically the idea, the concept, the lyrics, melody and the acoustic performance. From there, I can collaborate with others to bring the vision to life.

What is up for you next when it comes to new music?

Next up for me is an incredibly personal song that I wrote for my daughter, Harper who is 5 years old. I've struggled with anxiety, depression and heavy stress over the past several years trying to balance life, music, traveling, etc and it's really taken a toll on me. The song I wrote for her, "Freefall" is a song letting her know throughout her life, that if she ever starts to feel like she's headed down that path where her mental health isn't stable, that she can always just fall into me, give me a hug, and I'll be there to listen. I'm incredibly proud of it, and cannot wait for people to hear it. I truly hope that it helps people who are suffering from mental health issues, or anything that they're going through to get through it.

Where can fans find you LIVE performing GoodLove?

On Instagram! I have several videos on IG and IG Live on my page that folks can see :)

How do you want GoodLove to inspire anyone who hears it?

Just send love to the person who cares about you most. Whoever that is, tell them you love them, tell them you care about them and let them know you appreciate them cheering for you. Give em that Good Love!

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