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Virginia Sweet on Songwriting and Creating!

Hi Virginia Sweet! It is so great to speak with you! Pleasure to be here! What do you all have going on lately? Been getting some much needed family time in and having a few shows, before hitting the road for tour. What do you feel sets your music apart? We are bringing back the roots of southern rock with a modern flair to it. The three of us listen to just a diverse range of music we pull from alot of different influences. Top two favorite songs? We have a couple new ones that are a blast to play live, can't wait to see what happens with them in the studio. One is called Movin' On, the other is Too Far Gone. What is your songwriting approach? We will usually have a jam that we structure into a song, and Dove will workshop lyrics for it. How do you get through writer's block? Honestly, just keep trudging through, the moment of clarity will come. Writers block can be very difficult at times. How do you feel that the internet has affected the music industry? I think the three of us would agree that we wish we could go back to festivals, records, and communities of fans/artists in person. Do you have any advice for people trying to get started creating music? You gotta love the music, cause the music wont always love you. Any upcoming projects you have coming up that you want everyone to be on the lookout for? We will be announcing our tour schedule soon, and some big news on the recording front! Please let everyone know where to keep up with your music! Everything Virginia Sweet at FB/IG @virginiasweetmusic and TikTok/Twitter @vasweetmusic Thank you!

Thank you!

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