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What you should be listening to by the always talented my friends call me Mel.

What are the new sounds you're working on right now in your music?

After releasing two pop songs (one with more of an alternative rock influence and the other with more soaring dreamy sounds), I’m working on some pop songs with some soulful melodic flares and also some more cinematic, atmospheric sounds. I like to keep my pop writing fresh and interesting.

Where should new fans stream your music?

Spotify, Apple Music, and anywhere you can stream to music! They can also check out my YouTube channel to check out the lyric videos of my last two releases, ‘Wildflowers’ and ‘Get Over You’ by my friends call me Mel!

Talk to us about your latest single? What's the inspiration behind it?

“Get Over You” (released June 25) started off with me simply wanting to write an upbeat song & the lyric “a heart don’t break all at once” stuck in my head. I asked my San Antonio, TX gal pal Brittany Marshall to join me in the writer’s room. As two people who have experienced heartbreak in this lifetime, we started to write through the process of a break up with the lyric “a heart don’t break all at once” as a guiding line. There is a cyclical nature to healing from a heartbreak. There’s the initial denial saying you’re fine to everyone then crying to sad girl music alone in your car after running into them for the first time post break up. Then there are days (maybe months after) you are convinced you’re over it then a specific song comes on shuffle or you drive by a place that holds a hard-to-forget memory and a little piece of your heart breaks all over again. Even as a few years go by and you’re both happy with other people, there is the tiniest part that lastly grieves the life you once thought would be with that person. Though you know things are as they should be, it seems heartbreak is such a fickle thing. My producer, Stephen Hall, and I came up with some reference tracks from Julia Michaels, The Aces, and Halsey then got to work to create the sonic landscape that became “Get Over You”.

Who do you go to for advice when you're recording new music?

I have a small circle of friends (some in the industry, some just music fans) who I trust to give me constructive criticism and feedback.

Give us all your socials!

IG/TikTok @myfriendscallme.Mel

DM me or email me through my website

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