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Danny Hughes (DCPA) gives us a look inside new music, unreleased music and how he's making waves with his music out right NOW!

What hot sounds in the city should fans be listening to of yours right now?

I just released the music video for ‘Iconic Love’ on YouTube and Vevo to tide the fans over until my next couple of releases. The track has been gaining a lot of traction since March! Fans can check out my playlists on Spotify or YouTube for now too! Over the next few months, I’ll be releasing a Nu Disco cover of “Shattered Dreams” by Johnny Hates Jazz, which I’m working on with Pelican Dock, and two new original electro house tracks “I Feel It Too” and “Follow You”.

How has the reception been to new music?

Lately I feel a deeper connection with my fans. I’ve been focused on producing nostalgic electro house, with timeless vocals and melodic elements. I like to fit sounds and lyrics into my music in ways that I hope will bring people together. There’s this feeling I always get when spending time at music festivals, or cities like Las Vegas – a connected, high energy, emotional vibe. The experience of premier electronic events is hard to replicate, but I’ve spent a lot of time in that setting, so hopefully it's translated into my music as intended!

What are you looking forward to most when you perform in front of an audience this year?

Playing live is an out of body experience. Whether 20 people or 200 people show up to a gig, I try to deliver the same show. I always welcome the opportunity to better someone’s night. The best nights are when an extended DJ set turns into several concerts in one. People sometimes underestimate how much of the environment the DJ is responsible for. We find ourselves playing a lot of “mini-sets” as the crowd moves in and out, because at most bars we are the only DJ playing for 4 or more hours. We can’t always expect people to stay put at one single bar, there’s a lot of foot traffic on 6th street in Austin for example, so groups come and go. I’ll almost always start off with some progressive, chill house while people trickle in, start to pick up the energy with Nu Disco, Hip-Hop, Pop and then finish off with the high energy Electro House, Dubstep or even some Trance. I take crowd requests all night, which often-times results in discovering new songs for future sets. The audience really helps me step out of my element, learn new things, and bring that universal appeal I strive for.

What was the intention set for your music?

I see music as a gift that should be shared. I intend to use what I consider my greatest gift not just for self-satisfaction, but as a mechanism to connect with the world. To me it doesn’t matter all that much where we are all headed at the end of our lives. I don’t dwell on where my soul will end up, but what I do know is I would hate to run out of life before fulfilling my purpose - to create and share music with the world.

What was the most important message to impart with your music?

I believe introspection is a key part of living a great life. Music provides an outlet for us to look inward and help define our existence. The most important message I want to impart is for people to consume less from others, stop thinking so much; start feeling from within, and push that energy outward. I believe our intuition is more impactful than our fleeting thoughts.

How do you want your fans to treat themselves after listening to your music?

I want them to feel understood, to be empowered to live better lives and help others do the same. The music should result in positive existential energy. People who find value and respect for themselves are far better equipped to help others. I believe by dignifying ourselves and others, we can start to eliminate the biggest problems humans face. Songs are often a reminder to us that no matter what we’ve been through, others have walked a similar path.

What is a song of yours that you have on repeat right now to set the mood for 2022?

My newest production and unreleased track “I Feel It Too”; a few weeks ago, I just felt this intuitive connection to something great after hearing the melody in my head. I couldn’t stop working on the song for several days. I’d say the vibe for the track is “eternal” in nature. I’m hoping that people all around the world will feel a great sense of commitment to the significant connections in their lives, and that anyone who hears the song will act on the lyrical phrase “I know you were trying so hard, we’ve got to save the world. I feel it too.” The vocals are from the Splice sample packs Jovani Occomy Vocal Sessions and Kate Wild.

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