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The songs on ‘Wings on the Way Down' album by A.M. Sokoll follows a mellow yet energizing vibe that plays within itself like a story.

This chill indie-pop song combines elements of pop, rock, jazz, and orchestral music together with a strong catchy hook. A grand piano melody at the beginning paired with stunning lyrics will keep you hooked as it fades into a hard-hitting instrumental part that builds and flows perfectly into another chorus of vocals.

The lyrics are written well, using noun and verb transitions to set the mood of the song from endearing to action-packed and right back again, all in a quick period.

The main body of the song is pop in nature but features jazzy-style horns, bluesy guitar riffs and a drum kit, and even some orchestral elements at the end of the song, which makes it stand out from your typical pop fare.

You need to stream this album that is out now and available to YOU on all your streaming platforms!

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