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2021 is looking like an exciting year for you, Kendra!! We can't wait!!

Hi Kendra & The Bunnies! Thanks for being here today!

Thanks for inviting me to interview!

What was the single best thing that happened this year?

Such a great question! One of the best things I have done this year is record a spur of the moment Christmas song. I was in a co-songwriting session with Justine Blazer (Sony Music) and Corey Lee Barker (MC1 Nashville), and we decided to just go ahead and write a holiday song. Corey is known for his Christmas songs! The best part of this experience is the confidence I had in it all. It was something new for me, to do pop country, so I ran with it to great success! Listen to "More Like Christmas" by Kendra & the Bunnies here:

What was the single most challenging thing that happened this year?

Gosh. Breaking through anxiety. I finally have a mantra to tell myself when anxious/negative thoughts try to talk to me.

My response is: "Cool! I don't care..."

It works!

What was the biggest thing you learned this past year?

The biggest thing I have learned this year is to trust in myself to such an extent that my vision is full, with no cracks. Then to wake up each day, and move step by step towards those goals. Appreciating the journey makes more and more sense all the time.

What advice would you like to give yourself as you begin the New Year?

You are ready to rock, take deep breaths, and start REALLY working on your next book!

Also, find a boyfriend. I am now accepting applications.

How would you like to celebrate your goals being met?

With something sweet like a piece of pie. I also like to immediately text or call someone close to me to share the news ASAP. I love good news!! Then I normally buy myself a great meal and meditate on my upcoming goals over dinner. Actually, I would love for you to celebrate my next music release with me too! On Friday, January 8, I have a 3 song remix EP out! It's titled "of Remixes une" by Kendra & the Bunnies. You can pre-save the album/listen to it here:

Do you have any resolutions you would like to set for this year?

100%. This is a positive thinking ONLY zone. I will be completing my third book, potentially the fourth, and churning out music left and right. I already have three music releases planned for 2021. A full-length album, a 4 track EP, a single, and probably a bit more. Also, I have some new music videos planned!

If you could throw a "themed" party for yourself, what would the theme be?

Self-love... and bunnies.

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