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Born to a drummer and pianist in Vicksburg, MS, Zechariah Lloyd woke up every morning to his mother playing on her baby grand. He began playing drums at age 11 on his father's drum set - cutting his teeth on Zeppelin & Skynyrd records he borrowed from his uncle and playing with the church band. After high school he ended up in Alaska for work, picking up the guitar, and crafting his songwriting skills. He showed back up in Mississippi a year later with long hair and a song to sing.

In 2015, Zechariah Lloyd won the Vicksburg Blues Challenge and went on to represent the Vicksburg Blues Society in Memphis for the 2015 International Blues Challenge, where he made it as a finalist in the solo/duo division. Down to the River, his first single recorded with Plaid Dog Recordings (Boston, MA) was self-released in 2019 and was used to help crowdfund the full EP, titled “Heart in a Notebook.” in 2020, Down to the River won 1st place Blues for both the Unsigned Only Competition AND the International Songwriting Competition. It placed 2nd in Blues for the 2021 International Songwriting Competition. After delays attributed to the global pandemic, Zechariah & Plaid Dog Recordings were able to finish the EP in February of 2022. The EP, “Heart in a Notebook”, will be released to all public platforms July 14th, 2022. The single, “Heart in a Notebook” releases July 1st. While promoting the release of his current EP, Zechariah Lloyd has been and continues to work on his full-length album with producer, Billy Smiley, at The Sound Kitchen studios in Franklin, TN

How are you being bold as this year wraps in your music?

I've been recording some new music, working on some new branding, and booking up some out of state gigs for 2023!

How are you leaving off this year and what are your hopes for the future of your music?

I feel like I've left a great mark on 2022. I successfully released my first professionally mastered EP ( Heart in a Notebook), won the 2022 Mississippi Songwriter of the Year, recorded 2 music videos, and linked up with an awesome booking agent! My only hope for 2023 is that it continues to bring progress and success to my career in the music industry.

Are you planning extensively or are you allowing your music tide to take you on its own?

Up until the release of Heart in a Notebook, I just let the tide ebb and flow, but I'm working toward being more organized with my music career release strategy moving into the new year.

As you get to know yourself better musically, what is your biggest lesson learned this year?

My biggest lesson learned this year is to take the chances. There's quite a few opportunities that were made possible by me going out on a limb and participating in things I wouldn't have a few years ago. I will continue to do that!

Gaining the success you are seeing, tell us what has been the proudest moment for you so far?

I think the proudest I've been so far is being on stage with my band for my EP release party back in August. To perform a set of my original music at my very own EP release party at a nationally renowned venue was amazing! Really made me realize that hard work is always worth it!

Give us your social media to link our audience to becoming fast fans!

As you beat to your own drum, tell our audience what has helped you the most in finding your own beat for your career?

Haha! I definitely go my own way. Support from fans and mentors has been the biggest help in finding my own path. They've made it apparent that hard work and perseverance are the key components of success. Find your tribe, surround yourself with people who believe in you, and work hard!

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